The Stay-at-Home Order of Thought

The quest to understand the meaning of the “Stay-at-Home order has undauntingly not transferred without the threat of a fine or jailtime, unless of course you are originally from another country where you have experienced political or civil unrest or the Ebola virus. Before someone chimes in, and the lack of electricity, water, and fuel for your generator if you’re so fortunate. If not, hopefully, some ladies will pass by in the morning singing their song of their morning produce sale.

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here is a normal practice of thankfulness when walking and greeting, simply because God chose to wake you up for a new day and you didn’t wake up in the same house. Something I noticed since returning to the United States, greetings without suspicion is now a thing of the past in the United States because we don’t know each other anymore. So, I ponder on the thoughts of what we will have learned when the corona-virus pandemic subsides. Will we make an attempt to live a different kind of life? Will we care for each other more than we did before the “CV19,” or will we return to self centeredness, channeling our disdain for our circumstances.

Through the years of living overseas, I came to appreciate the time someone took to mourn with a family on the same street, whom they had never really known anymore than to say Good Morning. This sense of community didn’t take a virus to make people believe, “we are all in the same boat, and no amount of money could change the fact that when unrest unveiled itself in any form, no one was left out.”

So, today I wonder, “is God trying to tell us something about the day-to-day anger we have towards one another, whether it is racism, sexism, or anything else that keeps us from being good to one another.” Whatever it is, we will forever feel the affects of this virus, hopefully it is a lesson in how we should move forward. “We can do better.”

“We can do better.”

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